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Some articles written for academic publication which may be of interest, download and share. 



Encounters in Thought Interview with Author Aaron Kerr

Author of new release Encounters in Thought Aaron Kerr sits down to discuss his thoughts and intentions with this book in an interview with Cascade Publishing. 

The Merton Annual Review of Encounters in Thought

Aaron Kerr’s new monograph asks the question: how can we rouse ourselves from the mental torpor induced by technology and instrumental reason? As Kerr sees it, “if we do not interrogate our technological culture

we remain distracted in digital patterns of consumerism” (xi). The central chapters of the book each outline... continue reading here

The Use of Drones: An Argument Against Optimistic Technological Determinism Featuring the Work of Albert Borgmann and an Extended Analogy

This paper applies philosopher, Albert Borgmann’s, device paradigm to the use of drones in contemporary society. Such application demonstrates the accuracy of Borgmann’s analysis, since a paradigm or technological pattern is described in disparate social and political areas of North American culture.

Borgmann On Merton

An article that connects philosophy and contemplative practice, I explore Albert Borgmann's engagement with the life of Thomas Merton in a way that evokes a deeper sense of the relationship between faith and reason.

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