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Encounters, Mediations:
Getting back into just now


Let me be the second person to remind you to stop aimlessly searching the web, put your device away and go outside. The first person who reminded you, is yourself, of course.  You’re searching for something herein, you have some vague sense of what it is.  Maybe you are searching for a device free hour, or day, or week?  Maybe you are “wasting time” or worse, “killing time” before your next thing, whatever that ominous thing might be. Can your mindless searching turn into mindful awareness? If we are to achieve the bare essentials of social life, we have to neutralize our addiction to this device you are staring into right now. Go to the library, tell them to order my books and then check them out.  I am sure you don’t have time to read a book, I barely had any time to write one. But maybe I write just to deflect the weight of consumptive distractions that gigabyte my emotions. I’m gonna write some things on this site from time to time which may or may not be of interest.  I can guarantee that the stuff I put up here will not be half as stimulating as a walk outdoors or a classic novel. Go outside, to a library, a church, a bar, have a conversation with yourself or any other half-wit that has a heart like yours.

- Aaron Kerr

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