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Experiencing live music is what Albert Borgmann calls a focal practice, participation in and through community actualizing both rational and affective powers. It is adventure, especially when considering the free form traditions of black gospel, jazz and jam band virtuosities. Focal practices also pique our curiosities, engender wisdom and evince creative self-expression, virtues necessary for any social cohesion or dialogue, like that of democracy, so called. This era of innovative and experimental focal regionalism bids me to reflect…to reflect back through experience by logging some thoughts regarding how I might make sense of this crazy world I know.  Thinking about appropriate use of technology and a healthy balance between solitude and social life involves reflection on the environment, and the focal practices that provide meaning and health. Thinking about my sonic environment involves what lies ahead in my dead reflections, mundane or magnified bits of wisdom to taste from the Grateful Dead phenomena, however that thing is construed.

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